Barbados Co-Op Investment Fund (CIF)

In a country where 90% of the financial services industry is foreign-owned & locally-owned corporations have been taken over by outside interests, major decisions are now being made offshore.

This situation is accompanied by an investment climate that is emphasizing “sell” Barbados at any price. We as an independent people must seek an alternative.

The Co-operative Investment Fund was created by a consortium of co-operative organizations in Barbados. Its main intention is to harness the financial resources of Barbadians from all walks of life and from all regions of the world with the expressed purpose of transforming the economy of Barbados and providing a significant boost to economic activity on the island.

It is intended to introduce a new approach to investing by providing the opportunity to all Barbadians to make a contribution to investing activities on the island.

By investing BDS$100 each, 60,000 Barbadians would see an investment pool of BDS$6,000,000 being created immediately. If this action is repeated for only 6 months the pool would reach BDS$36,000,000.

Contributions can be made by members of co-operatives, co-operative business organizations and the general public. Funds invested will be used for the following purposes:

In a commercial equity portfolio
In divested state-owned entities
In Co-Op business organisations

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